40 x 1180 x 3000mm Isocab Insulated Panels - 2 Pallets - 56 Panels

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Isocab Insulation: QuadCore
Thickness of Isocab Insulated panel: 50mm
Width of Isocab Insulated panel: 1180mm
Length of Isocab Insulated panel: 3000mm
Quantity of Panels: 56
Quantity M² = 198.24M²
U-value: 0,436 W/m²K

Inside finishing:
Inside steel thickness: 0,4mm
Outside finishing:
Outside steel thickness: 0,5mm
Fire protection: EW60

QuadCore IND Isocab Insulated wall panels has been designed with the highest building performance in mind. Thanks to QuadCore Technology, all food industry applications, such as food manufacturing and temperature controlled storage can benefit from the higher thermal, fire safety and environmental performance.

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Lead time: 3-5 weeks