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What are Gelato Machines?

Gelato Machines are specialised equipment used in the production of gelato. These machines are designed to churn and freeze gelato mixture, creating the creamy texture and consistency characteristic of gelato.


About Bravo Gelato

A dream which has been going on for over 50 years.

The history of Bravo is the story of a man whose passion and obstinacy made a dream come true. The founder, Genesio Bravo, was born in 1939 in a small Italian farm village in the province of Vicenza. Those times during the war and after the war are very difficult, but they also provide desire to bounce back.
Genesio Bravo had a dream since he was young: to build something new with his own hands. It is only after a long working career in several important engineering companies in Vicenza that he decides to go out on his own. Thanks to a friend's suggestion he chooses the road of gelato machines.

And so in 1967 Bravo came about.

Following the tradition of those years, the multi-machine system, Genesio begins producing pasteurisers and batch freezers. But this does not satisfy him, while he continues to study how to improve the system, he has this question: why can't the mixture be pasteurised and batch frozen in just one machine, thus saving time, energy and space?

This is the start of the revolution: in 1974 Genesio deposits the first of a long series of patents: 
Trittico, the first and only complete laboratory enclosed in just one machine, which in less than one square metre pasteurises and batch freezes high quality artisan gelato. A patent which radically changes the way of thinking the artisan gelato workshop.
With Trittico a new way of making gelato has begun: the Trittico method, the new Bravo adventure, one machine, inimitable, which is the most copied machine in the world today.

But Genesio does not stop there as his machine is his creature which must progress and always be updated. And so through the years new ideas come about, new expedients making work easier, new generations of machinery are invented, until the current Duo Series.
Trittico today is no longer a gelato making machine, but a true gelato, pastry and catering laboratory which with complex software and advanced technology is able to control many types of processes automatically, at the same time respecting tradition and the creativity of the professional.


Why Choose Bravo? 

  • Batch Freezers: Bravo Gelato Machines typically include batch freezers, which are used to freeze the gelato mixture while churning it simultaneously. These freezers use a refrigeration system to rapidly cool the mixture, creating a smooth texture.
  • Churning Mechanism: The machines incorporate a churning mechanism that continuously mixes the gelato mixture during the freezing process. This motion helps incorporate air into the mixture, resulting in a lighter and creamier texture.
  • Capacity: Bravo Gelato Machines come in various sizes and capacities to suit different production needs, ranging from small countertop models suitable for small-scale operations to larger industrial machines for high-volume production.
  • Control Features: Modern Bravo Gelato Machines often feature advanced control panels that allow operators to adjust settings such as mixing speed, freezing temperature, and cycle times to achieve the desired consistency and texture.
  • Versatility: Some Bravo Gelato Machines are designed to handle a variety of frozen desserts, including gelato, sorbet, and ice cream. This versatility makes them suitable for businesses looking to offer a range of frozen treats.
  • Quality Construction: Bravo Gelato Machines are typically constructed from high-quality materials such as stainless steel, which ensures durability and hygiene in commercial kitchen environments.

Overall, Bravo Gelato Machines play a crucial role in the production of high-quality gelato, offering efficient freezing and mixing capabilities to create delicious frozen desserts.


What type of machines do we sell?

We have ice cream machines, pastry machines and multi purpose machines available here. We also offer alternative brands and table top or floor models here.

Can I buy Bravo Gelato Parts from The Big Ice Box?

Absolutely, we are the official distributors for Bravo. Get in touch with us on contact@bigicebox.comMake sure to attach the model number and make.


Trittico Startronic Plus or Trittico Startronic Premium?

Trittico Startronic Plus

Trittico® Plus is the revolutionary machine on the artisanal gelato world, it allows to always have a healthy, balanced, soft, creamy, dry and stable gelato products in your showcase.

The strength of Trittico® Plus is Bravo exclusive patented Ionic System®. It is an invention that revolutionized the concept of batch freezing, applying a physic-scientific parameter that let the machine automatically detect the moment when gelato is ready to the extraction and immediately inform the operator, so it is always possible to produce a perfect dryness gelato!

Furthermore thanks to the upgraded software, Trittico Plus is also suitable to the basis processes of Pastry world and it can be use to produce custard cream.

  • 3° generation Ionic System
  • Doubel probe on the cylinder 
  • Screw - flange clodure level
  • Plastic teeth
  • Stirrer for upper tank
  • Removable gelato extraction chute
  • Rubber mat for placing the gelato tub
  • Basic Startronic Plus spare parts kit


  • Patented Ionic System® Control with speed variator to detect the right percentage of frozen water in the mixture in order to obtain the proper gelato/sorbet consistency and volume.
  • Batch freezer mixer with multiple speeds.
  • programmable (customisable program)
  • specific program for small amounts production
  • You will prepare:  gelato, sorbetto, slush ice


Trittico Startronic Premium

Trittico® Premium is the first combi-machine for gelato production on the market: a revolutionary patent through which the multi-machine system for artisan gelato production is perfectly contained in a sole technology.

Trittico® Premium is supplied with the complete basic equipment and it is very simple to use. With more than 40 years research, update and upgrade, it is a complete, extraordinarily high-performing and great machine.

  • Screw - flange closure level
  • Stirrer for upper tank
  • Steel mixer with plastic teeth
  • Fixed gelato extraction chute
  • Container for flavours
  • Basic Startronic Premium spare parts kit


  • Possibility to set reading of the consistency through the measurement of the motor amperometric strength, or to set the temperature. The amperometric Strength System detects motor’s current absorption during batch freezing phase.
  • Batch freezer mixer with 2 speeds.
  • programmable (customisable program)
  • You will prepare: gelato, sorbetto, slush ice



What are some alternative brands?

An alternative to Bravo Gelato is Gelita, which you can browse here. Gelita is also a company that we are very proud to work with over the years.
For more information on gelato machines feel free to email us on
Or phone +353 47 88445 (Ireland) and +44 28 90 923343 (United Kingdom) 
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