80 x 1140 x 3000mm Falk Insulated Panels - 2 Pallets - 28 Panels

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Falk Insulation: PIR
Thickness of Falk Insulated panel: 80mm
Width of Falk Insulated panel: 1140mm
Length of Falk Insulated panel: 3000mm
Quantity of Panels: 28
Quantity M² = 95.76M²

U-value: 0,257 W/m²K
Inside finishing: FALK Off-White 25 mu (other coatings upon request)
Inside steel thickness: 0,4mm
Outside finishing: Colorcoat HPS200 Ultra® / Colorcoat Prisma® (other coatings upon request)
Outside steel thickness: 0,5mm
Falk Insulated Wall Panels Fire protection: EW60

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Lead time: 3-5 weeks