Gelita Multi-Function Gelato Machine - Floor Model 60E

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Gelita (TRT60E) Gelato machine is the perfect combined machine to easily produce high quality gelato saving time, space and costs. With TRT Gelato machine you can mix, pasteurise and batch freeze your gelato having the maximum product hygiene thanks to the thermal shock generated by the passage from 85°C to 4°C.

Clear upper cover for easy control of the heating phase
Upper cylinder stirrer high temperature resistant, easy to remove and clean
Butterfly valve preventing bacterial contamination, self cleaning
Plastic polymer extraction door high insulating material to avoid cold dispersion
3 blade stainless steel mixer
Electronic control board high accuracy automatic temperature
Available also with mechanical temperature controllers
Plates condenser wide water flow section to prevent limescale and protected by two stainless steel plates to prevent oxidation
Evaporator cylinder
Semi-hermetic compressor for great power and performance at low temperature
Transmission with motor, belts and pulleys
Gelato machine also available with air condenser
Production per cycle: 10 Litres

Lead time 3-5 weeks