Gelita Multi-Function Pastry Machine - Floor Model

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Gelita multi operation function pastry machine (MOF) is the combined pastry machine that allows you to perform two processes simultaneously. With two tanks, the internal passage of the product between the tanks avoids external contamination.

Pastry machine programs: Custard cream, bavarois cream, English cream, lemon curd, béchamel, fruit jelly, gelato, sorbet, slush, free program

Clear upper cover for easy control of the heating phase
Upper cylinder stirrer high temperature resistant, easy to remove and clean
Vertical heating cylinder adjustable temperature up to 100ᵒC
Electronic control board high accuracy automatic temperature
Butterfly valve preventing bacterial contamination, self cleaning
Plastic polymer extraction door high insulating material to avoid cold dispersion
Evaporator cylinder
Production per cycle: 9 Litres

Lead time 3-5 weeks