Impafri Mortuary Chambers

2560 x 1960 x 2480mmh Impafri Mortuary Chamber 3 Levels (Stainless Steel/White)

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2560 x 1960 x 2480 mm
White lacquer on Impafri Mortuary Chambers inside and outside
Impafri Modular Pathological Coldroom for Corpses
Self-supporting structure in stainless steel with removable trays
The Impafri trays are completely removable for cleaning
Interior assembly using screws on the ceiling and floor, without the need to cut or drill any panel

Standard coating of galvanized metal plate painted with white food certified paint, colour ral 9010 and protective film

Internal finish: Stainless Steel
External finish: White


80Mm (t. +)
Cfc-free polyurethane injected at high pressure to a density of 43-45 kg/m3

CFC-free polyurethane injected door with a density of 43-45 kg/m3. Exterior and interior face in white pre-lacquered steel with protection film or in AISI
stainless steel

Number Of Doors: 4

Closure Features:
Matte chrome closure with black lever, that has an adjustable height and depth. With standard keys (without key as an option)
For operating temperature to -40.C. All materials used are RoHS and REACH compliant. Tested at 200,000 opening cycles

Lead time: 3-4 weeks