AN 501 BT Infrico Reach In Freezer

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Infrico Reach in Freezer energy efficiency:
Better energy class due to the optimised circulation of air, the use of R-290 refrigerant and electronic fans, for a better temperature uniformity in the interior

LED lighting incorporated, reducing energetic consumption between 80% and 90% respect to a traditional light bulb

Electronic fans
Ventilated cooling system
Expansion valve
Hot gas defrosts
Door frame heated

New control system:
The new intuitive tactile IP65 controller has a greater precision in the control of the temperature
Easier to adjust the temperature range

Infrico is audited and certified by an international organisation AENOR in ISO 9001: 2015 (Quality); ISO 14001: 2015 (Environment); OSHAS 18001: 2007 (Worker Safety and Health)

The Infrico range of National cabinets offer design and robustness, manufactured with high quality materials and components. The interiors with curves joints are easy to clean and hygienic. They have a high energy efficiency thanks to the use of R290, LED lighting and electronic fans. Its high precision digital controller guarantees optimum temperature and safe food storage.

Lead time: 3-4 weeks