ERV 25 II SH Infrico Back Bar 850mmh

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Infrico Back Bar Structure:
Black plastic coated PVC exterior
Integrated door locks
Grey plastic coated PVC interior
Doors with double pane glass (6-10-4)

Doors with double pane glass (6-10-4) and automatic return that keeps free when opening exceeds 95º
Gasket easily replaceable

New control system:
New digital controller with greater precision in temperature control
Easier to adjust the temperature range

LED lighting incorporated, reducing energetic consumption between 80% and 90% respect to a traditional light bulb

Infrico refrigeration:
Temperature and defrost regulated by a digital controller
Ventilated condensation system
Forced evaporation system
Evaporative tray

Infrico has improved energy classification due to the use of R-290 refrigerant, electronic fans and optimised air circulation for better interior temperature uniformity.

Lead time: 3-4 weeks