SPC 501 Infrico Glass Door Bottle Supercooler - Inox

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The Infrico Chest Bottle Cooler is designed with state-of-the-art technology, this equipment represents a qualitative leap in industrial cooling. Developed by our R+D+I team and designed for any type of environment.

Operating temperature: 10ºC / 0ºC
Capacity: 500 Litres
Overall dimensions: 2.013 x 715 x 687
Shelving dimensions: 530 x 460
Insulation: Polyurethane with high density 50kg/m3, CFCs free, zero ODP and low GWP
Thermostat: Infrico digital Controller

Infrico supercool phenomenon consists of cooling a liquid below its freezing point, remaining in a stable liquid state without freezing.

Lead time: 3-4 weeks