Bravo Gelato

Bravo Gelato Trittico Startronic 183 Plus - Price on application

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Bravo Gelato is a revolutionary multi function unit with patented technology

Bravo Gelato PLUS machine is equipped with the Bravo patented Ionic System
Inverter for maximum product overrun and extremely dry gelato
Patented system that detects the gelato humidity and the precise percentage of water already frozen in the mixture

Trittico Startronic Plus Features:
Customisable programs
2 Speed mixing system
Three blade stainless steel mixer with interchangeable blades
Stirrer for upper tank
Steel mixer with plastic teeth
Fixed bravo gelato extraction chute
Short freezing time
Extremely easy to handle and clean
High energy savings
Bravo Gelato is available in a range of size capacities ranging from 12 – 120L per hour

Lead time: 3-5 weeks